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Create a germ free office and STOP the sneezing!

creating your germ free office

Author: Office Cleaning Tampa Fl

Regardless of the size or scale of your office environment, regular scheduled office cleaning can significantly reduce allergens, germs and viruses to create a germ and virus free office space. These are a few things to keep in mind to help reduce absenteeism and maintain productivity. Have a look at some other tips here.

Thorough cleaning of the carpets and upholstery; at least once a week.

It is common for most office occupants to not recall the last time the luxurious mats and rugs under their feet were thoroughly vacuumed. It is simply because we're so much engrossed on scrubbing the floor until sparkling new that we forget the couch in the visitors' lounge area. After some time, these sites become breeding ground for germs, fungus, and other microscopic disease-causing organisms. Coupled with the fact that dust is easily accumulated in the fabric of seats and desk mats, the office occupants in such a setting become highly predisposed to sneezing, coughing and other pulmonary related illnesses. Therefore, to eliminate allergens, dust, and germs, it is mandatory to vacuum and sterilize office upholstery once or twice a week if possible. Even better, in smaller offices, occupants can take turns or shifts to clean out the accumulated dust weekly.

Removing clutter, tidying up workstations, disinfecting commonly used items and emptying the waste baskets daily.

This may seem obvious but after some keen observation it usually isn't. Since most executive personnel in modern offices think that it's below them to dust their computers, keyboards or phones, they will usually let their workstations fall into disarray until the cleaning agent makes his/her rounds. Sometimes, the period between these rounds is what it takes to spread germs from one colleague to the other. Even in these cleaning schedules, it is not guaranteed that the cleaning staff will wipe down all the probable disease hiding areas. Thus, it should be the responsibility of anyone in the office to make sure that his allocated space is neat and well sanitized. Occupants should get rid of unnecessary clutter as soon as possible since, after some time, accumulated heaps turns to probable germ areas and hideouts for bacteria to multiply. To maintain the established levels of cleanliness and order, eating or even snacking in workstations should be highly discouraged. Not only does such a habit stain desks and litter floors, but is also an unhealthy habit and a sign of poor time management.

While at it, disinfect equipment and rooms commonly shared by the different employees e.g the conference room, lounge area, kitchens etc. Every occupant should also receive an antibacterial disinfectant to use regularly in their cubes, office or station area. Also, a tidy and well-organized desk is usually a sign of an equally organized mindset. Such a person is more likely to deliver better results than a person working on a desk next to an overflowing waste bin.

Insist on hand sanitization.

To create a germ free office space it is not enough to eliminate all allergens and fungus or keep infectious diseases at bay. Personal cleanliness of office occupants shouldn't also be ignored. The reason why germs are easily and quickly spread among office personnel is because that we always come into contact with each other in the course of the day. Therefore, if you were to eliminate allergens and germs effectively, the quickest way of doing so is by encouraging personal hygiene in the office. By placing hand sanitizers near equipment and areas used communally, such as washrooms, kitchens, elevators and building entry points then you can reduce the chances or cross contamination at least by half.

In addition, hand sanitization can be coupled with the use of disposable plates and cups to further curb the spread of communicable diseases plus eliminate allergens in a busy business environment. Instead of using ceramic plates and spoons in the kitchen areas, substitute this with disposable utensils, especially during the flu season.

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Create A Germ Free Office Space