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Office Wood Floor Cleaning Basics

People spend more time at their workplace than at homes. It is, therefore, important to maintain hygiene, especially because there are more people around to spread germs. Good hygiene is essential to reduce the risk of infections and loss of man-hours due to sick leave. Additionally, a clean office projects a better image about the business and encourages employees to work more efficiently. It is for these reasons that employers engage commercial cleaning companies to clean and sanitize office spaces. The aim of this article is to inform readers as to how commercial cleaning companies clean wood flooring used in offices.

Basic Care for Wooden Floors

The floor is swept on a day to day basis using a broom that has soft bristles. This is to remove large particles such as sand/grit that often come in as many people, employees and visitors, walk into and out of the office on a daily basis. Sand/grit that get beneath a mop can scratch the floor. The floor is then mopped. Generally, a pH neutral and water-based disinfectant cleaner is made use of for this purpose. A water-based alkaline cleaner (detergents, soaps, or baking soda in water) is used to remove oil and grease. For dissolving mineral deposits, they use a water-based acidic cleaner (white vinegar in water). On a weekly/biweekly basis, depending on the usage, wooden floors are vacuumed using the floor-brush attachment before it is mopped.

Deep Cleaning of Wooden Floors

Oil, dirt and grime always build up over time despite the basic care that is provided for wooden floors. Occasionally, depending on the conditions of usage, deep cleaning either in the spring or ahead of the winter holidays is essential to restore the wooden floor to its original condition.

The floor is first of all swept and vacuumed to ensure that sand and dust particles completely removed. Then the floor is mopped using a recommended wood-cleaning product after diluting it in water as specified by the manufacturer. The floor is allowed to become completely dry. If the office is located in a humid place, then the ceiling fan or air-conditioner is used to speed up the drying process. Finally, a coat of polish as recommended by the manufacturer is applied to bring the floor back to its original condition.

For spot cleaning, the finish of the floor is taken into consideration. If the floor is hard finish type, the stain will be on the surface. Stain penetrates into the wood in the case of floors with soft oiled finish.

Hard finish wooden office floors are cleaned by soaking a cotton rag in hydrogen peroxide solution and placing it on the stain. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches the stain. Excess hydrogen peroxide is removed and the floor is allowed to become dry. If the stain has percolated into the wood, sanding and refinishing is done to clear off the stain. Finally, the cleaned spot is buffed with a terry cloth when it is completely dry and free from any trace of moisture. This gives a nice sheen to the floor.

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