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Office Tile Floor Cleaning Importance and Process

Commercial cleaning companies when contracted out to take care of your office cleaning make sure that the tile flooring stays in a serviceable shape for a long time to come. Tile flooring in an office requires regular cleaning because it is subjected to heavy use. A clean office floor also contributes to bettering the image of the organization and ensures upkeep of the health and hygiene of its employees.

Cleaning companies take care of everyday routine cleaning as well as general maintenance tasks as and when it becomes necessary. They have the cleaning supplies, buffing machines, spray washers, mopping machines, all in place to effectively clean office tile floors. Vinyl floorings are waxed and buffed up periodically to keep them well maintained. Specialized procedures and chemicals are used for the same.

How Commercial Cleaning Companies Clean Office Tile Flooring

The entire floor to be cleaned is swept or vacuumed to remove all dust and any debris. Bare floor vacuum attachments are used for this purpose. Rubber pronged brooms are also used for sweeping tile floors. The corners and running boards are also swept. The floor is mopped with a mixture of floor cleaner and hot water. The typical ratio is about eight ounces of the cleaner added to 4 gallons of water. The floor is marked off as quadrants having 10 square feet area. One quadrant is mopped after the other. The entire floor is air dried.

Any spill on a tiled floor is cleaned immediately. Dry spills are vacuumed out and wet spills are damp mopped. After the floors have been vacuumed and mopped, a shine-mop is run over the dry tiled floor to pick up any dirt that has been left behind.

Cleaning Tiles

Choosing a cleaning solution for removal of grime depends on the type of grime and the type of tile that you have on the floor.

Ceramic Tile

Most ceramic tiles are cleaned by mopping with plain warm water. However for degreasing, half a cup of white vinegar is mixed in a gallon of warm water and used. Vinegar also deodorizes the surface. A shine mop is run on the floor after damp mopping and drying the tile surface.

Vinyl Tile

A mixture of half a cup of white vinegar added to a gallon of warm water is used to clean vinyl tiles.

Stone Tile

If the flooring is made of natural stone tiles, they are cleaned with any type of cleaner as they can be damaged easily. The cleaner chosen should be pH neutral. Mild soap with warm water is used to clean the stone. It is thereafter rinsed with plain water to remove any remnant soap residue and then mopped with a dry towel. A shine mop at the end of it all gives the stone tile a great shine.

Removal of Wax from Tile Floors

Wax is removed by using a suitable mixture of laundry detergent, ammonia, and warm water. Care is taken to clean one area of the floor at a time. A stiff brush is used to scrub off the wax.

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