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Office Carpet Cleaning Potential Mold Hazard

The advent of workstations and cubicles has led to the use of different types of fabrics, in offices, from the floor to the ceiling. However, the most commonly used floor covering material in offices is carpets. This is an expensive item and it is, therefore, important to protect it.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of air inside offices is an important factor as far as the health of employees is concerned. Allergens, (mold spores, dust mites, etc.), dirt and toxins that get collected over time in carpets cause not only allergies, but also trigger asthma. Additionally, carpets are potential sources of mold as well as fungus growth, especially those used in wet areas within offices.

Apart from triggering episodes of allergy as well as asthma attacks, mold spores cause headaches and nose, eye and throat irritation. Dust mites are not allergens by themselves. However, their feces and body fragments are confirmed allergens. Dust mites are of microscopic size and are easily inhaled as they become air borne when the carpets are disturbed. Allergies being suffered by employees get aggravated when dust mites are inhaled.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the carpet not only to improve the appearance of the office or its life, but also to ensure the health of the employees as man-hours lost due to sicknesses can impact productivity. However, the frequency of cleaning carpets varies from one office to the other depending on a number of factors such as the type of business transacted; carpet size, quality, color, and style of the carpet; foot traffic on carpeted areas; and the climate of the place where the business is located.

Office Carpet Cleaning Steps and Process

Carpets used in offices are cleaned on a regular basis by commercial cleaning companies to remove dust, dirt and allergens such as mold spores and dust mites. As the most effective way of cleaning carpets is regular vacuuming, cleaning companies that have been contracted for maintaining offices vacuum the carpets three or more times in a week, depending on the level of usage. However, the high-traffic areas are vacuumed on a daily basis. Frequent vacuuming helps to prolong the life of the carpet. This is because it prevents buildup of gritty particles which often damage carpet fibers.

When vacuuming wall-to-wall carpets, the floor is divided into quadrants. One quadrant is thoroughly cleaned before cleaning the next. When it comes to cleaning spots and spills, they are done as soon as they occur because they are equipped with the expertise, experience and required tools. The spot or spill area is carefully blotted or scraped to remove as much of the damage as possible prior to applying a cleaning solution. After applying the cleaning solution, the moisture is blotted up.

Deep-Cleaning of Carpets

Once or twice a year, depending on usage, the carpet is given a deep cleaning treatment to prevent matting and becoming sticky, retain its color, and grimy circles around chairs. The carpet is cleaned down to its backing by agitating it using a shampooer and rinsing with an extractor.

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