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These are some of the methods used for cubicle wall cleaning by professional commercial cleaning companies. The intent is to help educate you on techniques so that you will be best prepared to discuss options with your prospective commercial cleaning service provider that you are considering.

We hope to guide and inform you on best practices for cubicle wall cleaning so that you are prepared when evaluating a particular commercial cleaning company.

Most often, cubicle wall panels are made of upholstery fabric that is very similar to the ones used in homes. Many of the partitions have a cardboard backing behind the fabric. They attract a large amount of dust and germs over a period of time and become unhygienic. With that, cleaning cubicle walls from time to time becomes very important. According to statistics, it is estimated that workplace allergies are responsible for a tenth of all the asthma cases in the United States.

Typical Allergens Are Found From Ineffective Cubicle Wall Cleaning

Typical allergens that make their way into the office and settle down on the panels include pollen, airborne dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, etc. The risk increases if your office uses refurbished or second-hand cubicles. This is because the only cubicle wall cleaning that a majority of the office cubicle panels receive is a wipe with a damp towel.

The settling of dust, bacteria, and other allergens can be controlled to a large extent by keeping windows closed, employing air filters, vacuuming at regular intervals, using air purifiers and filters, using chemical aids, etc. To clear the allergen that reside on the panel, effective and regular cubicle wall cleaning and sanitization are essential.

Most importantly, for cubicle wall cleaning to be more effective, there has to be a good cleaning schedule in place. Any lapse on the part of the office cleaning staff reduces/negates the effect of the effort that was carried out earlier and shows up as loss of productivity and man-hours due to workers suffering from workplace allergies or falling sick. The cleaning schedule will be a matter of less concern if the job is allotted to professional cleaning companies.

Cubicle Wall Cleaning Methods Employed by Professional Cleaning Companies

Routine Maintenance: This method involves frequent vacuuming of the cubicle wall panels to remove the dust and dry soil that has settled down. However, it is most effectively done by professional cleaning companies who have the appropriate hose attachments in their cleaning equipment kit. Dry stains are usually brushed off with nylon-bristled brushes. A majority of the office cleaning staff may omit this activity due lack of these attachments. However, crew may fail to do an effective cubicle wall cleaning if there are photos, lists and pictures attached to the wall panels.

Restorative Cleaning: In order to make the cubicle wall cleaning job more complete, commercial cleaning companies do a pre-clean routine that involves wiping the cubicle wall panels with a chemical agent referred to as a dry encapsulating polymer. After a specific period of time a brush is used to diffuse the agent into the fabric of the wall panels so that it helps to loosen and dissolve soils. Areas most prone to dust/allergen collection and susceptible to touch such as edges, corners and tops are given extra attention.

The cleaning equipment used for cubicle wall cleaning includes spray jet nozzles that are enclosed to help control the spraying activity. The enclosed spray jet nozzle maximizes the rinse, but does not wet the cardboard backing or loosen the water-based adhesive that may have been used to stick the fabric to the backing. Smooth wall panel surfaces are wet cleaned. Controlled spraying helps to shorten the time required to dry the spray.

Return To Service: Cubicle wall panels that have been sprayed upon take a full 24 hours to dry out completely. However, if staff cannot be away from work for this long, some commercial cleaners may make use of heavy duty fans and driers to speed up the drying process. They may also coat the wall panel fabrics with an upholstery protector coating that is Teflon based.

Summarizing, it is important that cleaning cubicle walls be carried out at least two times in a year to reduce workplace allergies and loss of man-hours due to sick leave availed by the office staff. This helps to increase productivity. Therefore, the cleaning procedure is best done when left to professional cleaning companies.

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