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Cubicle Cleaning Underside Desktops

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Cubicle Cleaning Underside Desktops

Cleaning furniture in the office is easy. However, a large amount of dirt, dust and grime are found under the desktop area in your office. This is because many furniture pieces are not easy to move. Commercial cleaning companies clean the underside of the desktop area just about every time they clean the top side of the different furniture pieces. They use specialized equipment to clean underside of the desktop in case it cannot be moved. Otherwise, the same equipment as used for the top side is used for cleaning the underside of the desktop is used. Some of the tools used for cleaning the space underneath the desktop in an office include the following: stick vacuum, string mop, etc.

Commercial cleaning companies use the vacuum with the hose attachment when cleaning under the desktop area. This catches all the dust and soils from under. Vacuuming is once in a week. The Webster brush works perfectly well in those inaccessible and places where the gaps are small.

The flat area under the desktop is cleaned with a stick vacuum. When run on the underside, the stick vacuum removes all dust stuck on the surface below the desktop.

The area below the desktop area also doubles up as storage space for clutter that used to be on the top of the desk. This area is usually given a weekly clean-up by the contracted commercial cleaners. Dusting with feather dusters, vacuuming the area, wet mopping after moving the stored stuff suitably, and running a shine mop leaves the ground surface clean.

The cleaners are also trained to tame the computer cables that lie under the desktop area and get entangled frequently. These entangled cables are always a dust trap. Commercial cleaners organize cables using large binder clips, punched card cable holders, double sided tape to fix the cables on the underside of the desktop, etc. Bread clips are used to keep the required cables apart and these are labeled for easy identification.

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