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Cubicle Desk Top Cleaning

A good and clean office plays a major role in contributing to a positive work environment and improving productivity. In a majority of work environments, it has been found that cubicles contain bacteria and other microorganisms to a larger extent than other common areas in an office. Specifically, the desktop in an office cubicle is the most contaminated area. There are scientific studies that prove the presence of thousands of germs in a square inch of space on the desktop.

Office telephones purportedly harbor 25,000 microorganisms per square inch and computer mice and keyboards contain about 3,000 germs per square inch. Eating at the desk, not washing your hands properly, and not sanitizing your desk surface regularly all contribute to high levels of contamination.

Cubicle Desktop Cleaning By Commercial Cleaning Companies

Assigning office cleaning jobs to a commercial cleaning company employs qualified and trained cleaning staff, and has the right cleaning equipment and supplies is the right way to meet the cleaning requirements that are specific to a corporate environment. This is because they follow specific cleaning methods for keeping the work desktop and its different constituents such as the keyboard/mouse, the telephone and the desktop surface, clean.

Cubicle desktop cleaning jobs are usually split into two by the cleaning companies: basic cleans, and deep cleans. Most commercial cleaners will split cubicle desktop cleaning into two categories: basic cleans, and deep cleans.

Basic Clean

A basic clean is carried out on a weekly basis and involves prevention of build-up of dust. Damp cloth and sanitization sprays are used for cleaning cubicle desktop surfaces. Keyboards, monitors and phones are dusted with vacuum machines, microfiber cloth or feather dusters.

Deep Clean

Cubicle desktop deep cleaning involves sanitizing of all work surfaces monitors, keyboards, mice, mouse mats, etc., after a basic clean.

Cubicle Desktop Surface Cleaning

Most users of office cubicle end up personalizing their workspaces with the result that many of them end up becoming cluttered. It is worse when different workers share the same desktops during different shifts. Commercial cleaning companies cannot do much with personal clutter. Organizing office stuff that are not regularly required in drawer cabinets and filing papers is one job the worker can help with.

However, commercial cleaning companies that are contracted to do office cleaning will take care of cleaning the worker desktop on a regular basis. They usually vacuum/blow away the dust from the desktop surface, the CPU and the exterior of the desk with the help of commercial grade machines. The vacuum helps to suck out any cracker crumbs from the keyboard and blower is used to blow away the dust from the computer screen. The same method is used for cleaning fax machines, printers, or copiers that may reside on your desktop surface.

The desktop surface is cleared and sprayed with a potent sanitizer before being wiped with a rag cloth. The surfaces are then buffed up using a dry cloth. Regular cubicle desktop cleaning causes a reduction in contamination and infectious germs. Some commercial cleaning companies also spruce up the cubicle desktop surface after cleaning with some ferns or small potted plants.

Cleaning the Office telephone

The office telephone which sits on a cubicle desktop surface is perhaps the dirtiest equipment and one that is most capable of spreading infections. Commercial companies will first vacuum/blow away the dust using commercial vacuum cleaners. They then physically clean the surface with disinfecting wipes that both sanitize and disinfect the telephone surface and earpiece. The sanitizers are usually fast-drying and do not ooze liquids.

The frequency of cubicle desktop cleaning depends on the number of hours/days spent at the desk by the workers.

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