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Cubicle Cleaning

office cubicle cleaning

We hope to guide and inform you on best practices for cubicle cleaning so that you are prepared when evaluating a particular commercial cleaning company.

All commercial cleaners will approach any job with time and cost in mind so hopefully understanding how to properly perform cubicle cleaning will prepare and arm you with enough ammunition to better assess a bid or estimate you might get.

We'll cover:

  • Cubicle Walls
  • Cubicle Desktop Area
  • Cubicle Under Desk Area

Since more than likely the cleaning service will come in after business hours to perform cubicle cleaning in your office, it's good to understand how they will actually clean the cubicle walls because the fabric of the panel entraps and contains those sneeze-causing allergens, viruses and germs.

To get the best bang for your buck you'll want to also have a good idea how a commercial cleaner will approach the desktop area when cleaning cubicles because you can offer suggestions to employees that will help the crew to perform a better job based on understanding the process of cleaning cubicles.

And of course the IT guys will thank you too as we'll show you what a commercial cleaner might do for underneath the desktop area when cubicle cleaning and managing the wires and cables attached to the computer found in that area.

Office Cubicle Cleaning Tips