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Office Break Room Cleaning

commercial cleaning office break rooms

Oh boy, the office break room. Here we go. The community gathering place where co-workers meet, gossip and steal each other's left-overs! This section is for those of you tasked with evaluating a commercial cleaning company and hopefully the concepts will aid you in that process.

A commercial cleaner will be interested in speed when estimating work as it is all about reducing cost in order to maximize profit. By understanding how to properly perform office break room cleaning will allow you to better assess a bid or estimate you might get and find the commercial cleaner that is right for you.

Seemingly simple, the process of office break room cleaning can get involved if some options are being considered like, extensive or fast-pass office break room cleaning. Both have merit and we recommend that both be executed on a scheduled basis such that the extensive break room cleaning be performed once per week and quick cleans (but above and beyond regular cleanup done my employees) completed three times per week.

Effective Refrigerator Cleaning

Whether or not you decide to include refrigerator cleaning into the estimate, the information provided can be used by you and your staff for your own benefit.

Break Room Microwave

The microwave in an office break room can harbor tons of bacteria from uncleaned food splattering that occurs during the heating and cooking process. This information on break room microwave cleaning

should be valuable when listening to the commercial cleaner you are evaluating.

The Coffee Maker and Counter Top Equipment

Of course what proper office does not have a coffee maker! You will especially want to pay attention to proper coffee maker cleaning and other equipment cleaning as they truly are a community post that if not effectively cleaned can be a haven for sharing nasty viruses, germs and bacteria.

Office Cubicle Cleaning Tips