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Office Bathroom Urinal Cleaning

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Office Bathroom Urinal Cleaning

Bathrooms in offices normally have the reputation of smelling bad because of the frequency of use. Urinals in menís bathrooms often require the special attention of cleaners. Professional daily cleaning methods are focused towards removing dust and grime and giving the bathroom and its accessories a neat and tidy look. However, deep cleaning of bathroom urinals with specific methods are used by most commercial cleaning companies to prevent build-up of odor-causing bacteria and other infectious germs. Deep cleaning methods of bathroom urinals are used in conjunction with toilet hygiene products for the best possible outcomes when cleaning urinals in office bathrooms. Some cleaning companies also install urinal flush managers that help in the economic usage of water and maintaining hygiene standards as well.

Urinal Cleaning Process by Commerical Cleaners

Urinals in the bathroom are an ideal place for all types of infectious microorganisms to thrive. Growth of these microorganisms results in an increased risk of infections for those who regularly use these bathrooms. Build-up of uric salt deposits in the urinal can cause blockage over time and may ultimately result in a temporary shutdown.

The same cleaning procedures as with regular urinals are followed for waterless urinals as well. Both traditional and waterless urinals are cleaned on a daily basis. A deep clean is done once every few days. However, in those restrooms where traffic is high, the urinals are cleaned more frequently.

Sometimes, urinals give rise to a persistent bad smell in spite of using urinal deodorizers. This is because urine cakes up at the bottom of the urinal and gives rise to bad smell. If the caked-up layer is thick, then it is physically removed with blades. This effectively reduces malodor.

Equipment for deep cleaning of urinals may include high-pressure washers. Steam-cleaning units that use chemicals to both disinfect and clean surfaces are also used. Commercial cleaning companies also maintain extraction ducts and fans so that they remain in optimum working condition.

Urinal Cleaning For Odor Control

Restrooms with a higher percentage of humidity and warmth tend to have more odors. The odor from a urinal is caused by the bacteria that use urine as its food source. The odor can be controlled by neutralizing the urine salts. Daily office bathroom urinal cleaning requires the use of enzyme-based (cellulose, protease, amylase, etc.) products to destroy the bacteria. They digest the food source of the bacteria to reduce their numbers. In these cases, disinfectants are not used as they destroy the enzymes.

Commercial cleaning companies spray or mop acid neutralizers to break down alkaline salts that form the breeding grounds of the odor-causing bacteria. After rinsing the specific area, they generally use a disinfectant and leave it there for about ten minutes. This reduces odors to a great extent.

Urinal Cleaning For Blockages

Blocked urinals many a time lead to unwanted disruptions and also lead to costly maintenance bills. Urinals get blocked when there is scale build-up in the urinal trap. The scaling is largely due to the salts in the water and urine. Commercial cleaning companies use flexible steel rods to remove scales from the urine ducts.

Most commercial companies follow a periodic preventative maintenance schedule to keep the urinals in an office in the best working condition. Ultimately, most methods used by janitors and commercial cleaning service companies are typically above and beyond the normal type for office bathroom urinal cleaning.

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