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Office Bathroom Toilet Cleaning

commercial cleaning office bathroom toilets

Cleaning is a very important activity that has to be carried out regularly as far as bathrooms are concerned. Clean and sanitized bathrooms in an office are essential for the upkeep of the health and comfort of the employees. The job of cleaning the toilet(s) in an office is best left to the care of commercial cleaning companies. They will have the know-how and the tools required to keep the toilet and the surrounding bathroom floor in tip-top shape.

Commercial cleaning companies employ cleaners who are trained to use relevant chemicals and toilet cleaning equipment in an office environment. Whereas some commercial cleaning companies provide cleaning service as part of a regular maintenance program, there are others that offer restroom cleaning as a complimentary service when contracted to do daily cleaning in the office.

Bathrooms provide the best environment for the breeding of harmful bacteria and germs. This article aims to detail briefly the deep cleaning services employed by commercial cleaning companies to keep the toilet and surrounding bathroom floor clean.

Toilet Cleaning Process

It is the job of the cleaning staff to study the bathroom first to determine the depth of cleaning that is required. First of all the water inlet supply valve is turned off. The toilet is then flushed to reduce the level of the water. The toilet seat is lifted up and a toilet disinfectant is squirted around sides and the rim so that it dribbles down the sides of the bowl. It is spread out using a toilet brush and left to sit there for a few minutes to allow it to work.

In the meanwhile, the lid is shut in preparation for cleaning the toilet on the outside. An anti-bacterial spray is used on the hinges, around the water tank, all parts of the toilet seat and its base. The spray is used on both sides of the seat and the flip lid. A disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide products is used to kill germs. This helps to trap most of the remnant odors. Soon after this the toilet bowl is scrubbed again with the brush. The toilet is then flushed with fresh water.

For more adamant spots caused by mineral deposits and lime-scaling, brushes with pumice stones are used to gently scrub them out. Care is taken not to damage the surfaces of the toilet. The toilet brush itself is cleaned with bleach after every use. In cases where toilets have an excess buildup of grime, commercial cleaning companies use a pressure washer that helps to blast away the grime from the inaccessible areas, like where the hinges meet the toilet seat.

Cleaning the Floor Surrounding the Toilet

All the debris from the toilet floor including toilet paper scraps, dust and dirt are vacuumed out. Smell of urine around the base of the pot is common. A strong acid-based cleaner will help to eliminate the bad odor. To keep the floor near the toilet clean in a bathroom, commode mats for urinals and toilets are recommended. This helps to keep the urine from dripping down on the floor and also lends a fresh smell.

The grout at the base of the toilet is cleaned with baking soda and vinegar or accelerated hydrogen peroxide compounds. The compounds are allowed to stay on for about 15 minutes before it is scrubbed off with a brush and further wiped with a damp cloth. Using a steam cleaner in these inaccessible areas may be a little tricky. The surface dirt on the bathroom floor surrounding the toilet is cleaned by mopping it every day. Disinfectants cleaners are used on the floor to get rid of the germs.

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