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Office Bathroom Stall Wall Cleaning

commercial cleaning office bathroom toilet stall walls

Office Bathroom Toilet Stall Wall Cleaning

The conditions of the restrooms say a lot about the offices. Cleaning a restroom and all its individual parts is a challenging job. However, commercial cleaning companies that are contracted to do the job have the cleaning supplies, trained staff, and appropriate equipment that will help them to regularly clean the different parts of the restroom: urinals, toilets, sinks, counter-tops, fixtures, restroom floors, stall walls, partitions, etc., and maintain them in tip-top condition. This article briefly details how commercial companies clean the stall walls found in the bathroom of an office.

Cleaning Toilet Stall Walls in an Office Bathroom

Just as with restroom walls, toilet stall walls are cleared of soil, fingerprints, oils, residue salts, uric acid salts, water marks and any other marks from time to time. One can also find graffiti in toilet stall walls as well as partitions. Commercial cleaning companies use graffiti removers, gum removers, lime scale removers, and urinal deodorizers to remove these from restrooms. Urinal partitions are maintained in a clean and dry condition and any stains, splatters and other residues are removed from time to time.

A disinfectant cleaner is sprayed on the toilet stall wall and allowed to sit for a few minutes. Sometimes, a mixture of the cleaner and warm water is used for cleaning purposes. The cleaners are so chosen that they extend the life of the surfaces they are sprayed on to. This helps to remove grime and any other residues from the walls. A scrub brush or a non-abrasive pad is use to scrub off the grime and soils. The cleaning is always done from the top to the bottom as all the soil and grime will fall down from the stall wall. Pressure spray washers can also be used to dislodge the soils and grime from the stall walls. Thereafter, the stall walls are wiped with color coded microfiber cloth. The cloth is changed before wiping the urinals or the toilets.

Stall walls and partitions contribute to bad odors in a restroom because of the water that splashes when the toilet is flushed. Commercial cleaning companies use broad-spectrum neutral pH quaternary disinfectants to remove the odor-causing bacteria and viruses. They also decelerate mildew growth on the walls and the partitions.

Care is taken to disinfect all the grime and soils that have fallen to the floor before mopping it off. The cleaners also see to it that the grime and soils do not clog the floor drains in the restrooms. In the case of crevices or spaces between tiles in the toilet stall wall, cleaners will essentially close them with a commercial sealant so that there is no extensive salt or residue buildup in them.

Choice of Graffiti Removers, Lime and Scale Removers, and Gum Removers for toilet stall wall cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies with a concern for the environment use graffiti removers with n-methyl-2-pyrolidone instead of chlorinated solvents. Similarly, dry ice is a preferred gum remover instead of chlorinated solvents. De-greasers are sometimes used to remove gum stuck on the stall walls. Environment friendly lime and scale removers are in the range of pH 4 than the conventional ones that have a value of pH less than 1.

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