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Office Bathroom Cleaning

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Office Bathroom Cleaning

Hereís the deal, someone must write about it so it might as well be written by a commercial cleaner! So hereís the information needed, unfiltered and prepared in order for you to effectively interview and analyze quotes from a commercial cleaning company that are providing you with estimates of work to win the contract from your place of business.

Just like any business, a commercial cleaner must be concerned with efficiency and speed, yet still provide effective cleaning services in order to generate a profit (and stay in business) while meeting the requirements for maintaining a sanitary and presentable office bathroom

Itís very easy to think about our own experiences in the home when we are cleaning our own bathroom spaces. Yet there are some very significant and important differences when it comes to commercial environments and the process by which those office bathrooms must be cleaned and maintained.

Office bathroom cleaning should definitely be executed on a scheduled basis for both regular as well as deep cleaning has a place in the schedule. Without both of these, you will experience sub-par bathroom cleaning results.

The Toilet

include Toilet cleaning certainly should be a priority item for evaluating a commercial cleaner. From the types of equipment they intend use, to the level of cleaning detail they provide. Itís impossible to think a commercial cleaning company would exclude their processes for cleaning toilets.

Toilet Stalls

Whether or not you decide to include toilet stall wall cleaning into the estimate, the detail in this will at minimum see if your estimate is off by excluding or even simply never addressing the toilet stall wall cleaning process.

The Urinal

Urinals in an office bathroom can harbor tons of bacteria from directly on the urinal to the surrounding floor space, which can ultimately mean that that bacteria is tracked out to the rest of your office environments. Understanding proper menís room unrinal cleaning can and is critical to your overall office cleanliness.

Bathroom Sinks and Counters

Cleaning the sink and counter top area might seem mundane or obvious, but there are certainly special considerations when the traffic and use is high. Tis especially important because this is an area where the vast majority of germs and bacteria will be located, so it's important to understand best practices for evaluating a good commercial cleaner.

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