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Office Cleaning Tampa Fl | How to reduce sneezing in the office cubicle space

reduce sneezing in the office

Author: Office Cleaning Tampa Fl

Guide: How To Reduce Sneezing in the office cubicle space. Have a look at some other tips here, here, here, here, and here.


You must be familiar with the fact that sneezing is a natural mechanism of the body. But, unfortunately it is not acceptable in some cases like in an office cubicle space where it disturbs your work and your fellow colleagues. It's for certain you do not want to be that loud sneezer of the office or that employee who annoys everybody by his/her uncontrollable sneezing. So, if you want to reduce your sneezing in your office cubical space here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

Controlling Dust Mites

If you are sneezing a lot in your office then the cause behind it can be dust mites. Dust mites happen to be one of the most common allergens responsible for making employees sneeze uncontrollably. If you think that your desk is clean and there is no sign of dust, then think again. Dust mites are present in your chair, cubical walls and your floor's carpet. If regular cleaning of your cubical is not doing any good, then it is advised that you use wet rag or microfiber cloth to dust and clean every inch of your cubical. Use your lunch hour to do this and you will notice that with frequent cleaning your sneezing is gradually reducing. If you do not want your colleague or boss to find you cleaning your cubical, then install a small HEPA cleaner as they are really known for cleaning the immediate area where they are kept.

Kill Those Germs!

Besides dust mites, germs are also another reason why you might be sneezing in your office cubicle space. Usually, offices are required to disinfect cubicle but unfortunately, some germs stay behind. So, it is very important to disinfect your cubicle. There are many ways by which you yourself can disinfect your office space. Go to a store and buy disinfecting wipes. These wipes are widely available and because they contain alcohol or bleach they do a pretty good job of killing of germs. If you keep these wipes handy in your desk then you can use it to clean your office supplies and desk and reduce germs which in turn will reduce your sneezing.

Stop your sneeze in an eco-friendly way

Another reason why your co-workers might have to deal with your continuous sneezing will have to be because your office cubicle has issues of off-gassing from paints or carpets, asbestos and molds. You must be thinking that how can you deal with such a problem? Well, there is good news for you as there is a very easy method for dealing with this problem. And, the best part about this method is that it is eco-friendly. If you keep plants in your office cubicle then the plant will purify the air in your cubicle and thus you will be able to reduce your sneezing. Some office-friendly plants that can help you in this are as follows:

Healthy habit of washing your hands

Many times, your sneezing can be a result of the germs that you are bringing from the bathroom or outside. Hence, after using the bathroom it is highly recommended that you wash your hands properly to reduce the transmission of germs which ultimately will reduce your sneezing. Yes, it is true that you cannot get up and wash your hands as it might hamper your work. So, here it will be best to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy on your desk. Use it quite often and especially after sneezing as it will kill off germs and help you to stop your uncontrollable sneezing.

It's your co-worker's fault

So, the only time you sneeze is when you come in contact with a cat as you happen to be allergic to them. But, as you are in a pet-free environment then cats cannot be a reason for your sneezing, right? Well, this is where you are mistaken. If the colleague sitting next to your cubicle happens to be a cat-owner then he/she might be the reason behind your sneezes. Animal dander like cat or dog hair get stuck to the clothes of your co-worker and when you come in contact with them, they transfer the dander to you and you end up sneezing the rest of the day. So, if you know that someone in your office whom you come in contact with has pets, then brush off your clothes with a lint-roller or hair-removal roller after coming in contact with them to reduce your sneezing session.

Besides this, sometimes perfume of your colleague can be a reason for your sneezing also. So, if you think that you are reacting to someone's perfume/deodorant, then in such a case, it will be best to have a talk with that colleague and come to a solution to the problem or you can always ask your manager to move you to another cubicle.

Get an allergy test and the proper medications

Do you know that when you move to a new place or as you get older your body can react to some allergens that did not bother you before? Yes, this is true and this must be the reason why you are sneezing in your new cubicle. So, the best way to reduce, rather stop your sneezing completely will be by knowing what are you actually allergic to. Go to certified allergy specialist and take the needed help to know your allergy trigger. These experts will prescribe you antihistamine medications that will help you to deal with your sneezing problems at work. Besides this, when you know what you are allergic to then you can take proper precaution.

Get protection from pollen

Pollens, another popular allergen, are also known for making a person sneeze in an office. Pollens are known for entering an office building either from ventilation or from the windows. So, if your cubicle is near an air vent or a window then, it is suggested that you request to change your cubicle. If pollen is indeed the reason behind your sneezes then changing your cubicle will show immediate result.

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