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5 Tips for cleaning the things that the cleaning crew skips

Author: Office Cleaning Tampa Fl

These are just 5 tips for cleaning those things in your office and cubicles that the office cleaning crew might skip. Have a look at some other tips here, here, here, and here.

#1. Out of reach cobwebs annoying the heck out of you and just being dust magnets? Okay here's what you do:

There's always some office event happening: a birthday, boss's day, a retirement maybe... So, go "borrow" that helium balloon that someone brought in as a gift and nanchalantle walk by the cobwebs allowing the balloon to touch it. The static electricity of the balloon will capture and hold onto the cobwebs, effectively removing them from the corner.

...please remember to remove them from the baloon before returning it to the birthday boy or gal!

#2. Is the coffee grinder in the breakroom always full of leftover coffee grind dust and you don't want it mixed with your $23 mochamocha special grind?

Simple: just bring in a couple spoon full of rice grains and run them thru the coffee grinder. It will remove all of the leftover coffee grinds and dust instantly.

#3. Is the tray in the office breakroom getting super nasty from spills and bubbling over reheating? The cleaning crew might skip over the microwave completely.

Solution: just place a dampened paper towel onto the center turning tray and operate the microwave for a few seconds. The wet paper towel will essentially steam clean the tray making it super easy to wipe away any leftover crusties!

#4. Out of scrubies in the breakroom sink and the one available is totally gross with crusty bits?

Simple: dampen it and then place in microwave for a few seconds. Run under water, squeezing and adding fresh soap will help to make it usable for one last time!

#5. Is the cleaning crew skipping those dusty window sils and blinds?

Just bring in a dryer sheet and quickly run across each lap of the blind. It might take a few extra minutes but the chemicals in the dryer sheet will act as a dust inhibitor for quite some time!

...It will also allow you to have some good zen time in that stressful office!

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