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Cleaning Hacks: QUICKLY hack what the office cleaning crew misses!

Two office cleaning hacks for those things in your office and cubicles that the office cleaning crew might be missing.

Hack #1

If you are sick and tired of that one garbage receptical in the office breakroom or in your office mates cubicle next to you stinking up the place, it's likely due to liquids being thrown into the garbage mixing with other items and causing a more rapid breakdown. Thus the stink!

The hack: sneak in 5 minutes early and simply take a couple of pieces of newspaper, wad them up and place at the bottom of the offending garbage bag. This will "sop up" the liquids as items are thrown in. Of course it helps to time this with the morning after the commercial office cleaning crew performed their work the previous evening.

Hack #2

The Breakroom blender. Ewe is the best word to describe that gym-rat co-worker that is constantly making his protein shakes throughout the day, leaving the blender crusty and an eye sore. Of course because it's protein being mixed, it naturally hardens to the material of steel and is almost impossible to fully clean.

The hack: nicely inform gym-boy that it's super simple to keep the blender crust free by taking an extra 3 whole seconds after making his muscle-building shakes. After pouring the shake into the cup, just add warm tap water about half way, place the top and run the blender for a 3 seconds. Pour out the contents and rinse. No scrubbing needed!

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Commercial Office Cleaning Hacks